Claire, Rob and Guy Fawkes

December 16, 2016 Comments Off on Claire, Rob and Guy Fawkes

Claire and Rob chose bonfire night to tie the knot at the stunning Leez Priory in Essex. Claire wore a beautiful dress which worked perfectly with the day and evening. Guests enjoyed sparklers and surprise fireworks followed by an underground party at the priory! Congratulations Claire and Rob! x

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A London wedding for lovebirds Nicola and Ben

November 26, 2016 Comments Off on A London wedding for lovebirds Nicola and Ben

Wandsworth Town Hall was packed with friends and family of Nicola and Ben. I don’t think Ive ever seen so much love in a room! An incredible London wedding with a prosecco (and cups!) filled Routemaster that ferried guests from the Town Hall to Balham Bowls club where the drinks and tears flowed! Beautiful heartfelt speeches, dancing, dinner and hundreds of doughnuts! You two belong together! Huge congrats and best wishes on your American adventures! xxx bennicola_007 bennicola_016bennicola_010 bennicola_022 bennicola_038 bennicola_041 bennicola_051 bennicola_062 bennicola_071 bennicola_093 bennicola_097bennicola_116 bennicola_139 bennicola_145 bennicola_151 bennicola_150bennicola_153bennicola_177 bennicola_178 bennicola_184 bennicola_214 bennicola_215bennicola_261 bennicola_188untitled-1bennicola_309 bennicola_312 bennicola_308 bennicola_319bennicola_325 bennicola_352 bennicola_389 bennicola_431bennicola_386 bennicola_402 bennicola_432bennicola_413bennicola_415 bennicola_426 bennicola_429 bennicola_438 bennicola_442bennicola_361 bennicola_371 bennicola_452 bennicola_459 bennicola_460 bennicola_461 bennicola_473 bennicola_482 bennicola_486 bennicola_487 bennicola_490 bennicola_495

Kirsty and Alex tied the knot at Old Thorns in Hampshire on a beautiful October day

November 20, 2016 Comments Off on Kirsty and Alex tied the knot at Old Thorns in Hampshire on a beautiful October day

Beautiful bride Kirsty and Groom Alex married in front of family and friends and their little boy Logan on a glorious October day at Old Thorns hotel in Hampshire. The stunning grounds of the golf club made a perfect back drop for photographs. Guests continued upstairs to the glamorous Gatsby ballroom for dinner, drinks, speeches and dancing. Congratulations Kirsty and Alex, a fabulous wedding!

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Festival of the year!

August 7, 2016 Comments Off on Festival of the year!

The incredibly relaxed Bethan and Nick put together the most fabulous (wedding) festival of the year! Rain, mud, sunshine, sunnies, tunes, wellies, dancing, smiling guests and the most happy couple, this wedding had it all. No one will be forgetting this wedding for a while! Huge congratulations and love to you both, Im so pleased I was there to photograph it! xxx

Bethan&Nick_017Bethan&Nick_006 Bethan&Nick_039 Bethan&Nick_049 Bethan&Nick_050 Bethan&Nick_054 Bethan&Nick_058 Bethan&Nick_065Bethan&Nick_071 Bethan&Nick_079 Bethan&Nick_085 Bethan&Nick_091 Bethan&Nick_094 Bethan&Nick_095 Bethan&Nick_097 Bethan&Nick_109 Bethan&Nick_114 Bethan&Nick_119 Bethan&Nick_123 Bethan&Nick_152 Bethan&Nick_160 Bethan&Nick_168 Bethan&Nick_176 Bethan&Nick_179 Bethan&Nick_180 Bethan&Nick_193 Bethan&Nick_197 Bethan&Nick_208 Bethan&Nick_217 Bethan&Nick_226 Bethan&Nick_228 Bethan&Nick_253 Bethan&Nick_255 Bethan&Nick_258 Bethan&Nick_267 Bethan&Nick_269 Bethan&Nick_278 Bethan&Nick_282 Bethan&Nick_285 Bethan&Nick_286 Bethan&Nick_294 Bethan&Nick_303 Bethan&Nick_323 Bethan&Nick_326 Bethan&Nick_334 Bethan&Nick_335 Bethan&Nick_346 Bethan&Nick_355 Bethan&Nick_372A Bethan&Nick_378 Bethan&Nick_395 Bethan&Nick_400 Bethan&Nick_412 Bethan&Nick_415 Bethan&Nick_423Bethan&Nick_391

Becca & Sean

November 9, 2015 Comments Off on Becca & Sean

Becca and Sean were married in West London followed by a beautiful reception at Stoke Place. Drinks were the garden in the beautiful sunshine followed by emotional speeches, hilarious pictures and plenty of good wine and food. Then there was the dancing, a dance floor full for 5 hours straight, brilliant! Congratulations Becca and Sean! xxx

Mr&MrsCollins_016 Mr&MrsCollins_018 Mr&MrsCollins_024 Mr&MrsCollins_025 Mr&MrsCollins_036 Mr&MrsCollins_043 Mr&MrsCollins_060 Mr&MrsCollins_061 Mr&MrsCollins_049 Mr&MrsCollins_072 Mr&MrsCollins_079 Mr&MrsCollins_082 Mr&MrsCollins_085 Mr&MrsCollins_088 Mr&MrsCollins_090 Mr&MrsCollins_092 Mr&MrsCollins_094 Mr&MrsCollins_104 Mr&MrsCollins_106 Mr&MrsCollins_107 Mr&MrsCollins_111 Mr&MrsCollins_117 Mr&MrsCollins_118 Mr&MrsCollins_124 Mr&MrsCollins_128 Mr&MrsCollins_142 Mr&MrsCollins_146 Mr&MrsCollins_148 Mr&MrsCollins_151 Mr&MrsCollins_157 Mr&MrsCollins_162 Mr&MrsCollins_165 Mr&MrsCollins_170 Mr&MrsCollins_178 Mr&MrsCollins_199 Mr&MrsCollins_203 Mr&MrsCollins_212 Mr&MrsCollins_215 Mr&MrsCollins_225 Mr&MrsCollins_229 Mr&MrsCollins_232 Mr&MrsCollins_233 Mr&MrsCollins_235 Mr&MrsCollins_240 Mr&MrsCollins_244 Mr&MrsCollins_245 Mr&MrsCollins_246 Mr&MrsCollins_248 Mr&MrsCollins_252 Mr&MrsCollins_254 Mr&MrsCollins_258 Mr&MrsCollins_262 Mr&MrsCollins_263 Mr&MrsCollins_266 Mr&MrsCollins_268 Mr&MrsCollins_279 Mr&MrsCollins_320 Mr&MrsCollins_327 Mr&MrsCollins_332 Mr&MrsCollins_335 Mr&MrsCollins_338 Mr&MrsCollins_341 Mr&MrsCollins_348 Mr&MrsCollins_361 Mr&MrsCollins_363 Mr&MrsCollins_374 Mr&MrsCollins_375 Mr&MrsCollins_376 Mr&MrsCollins_381 Mr&MrsCollins_383 Mr&MrsCollins_366 Mr&MrsCollins_404 Mr&MrsCollins_406 Mr&MrsCollins_416 Mr&MrsCollins_417 Mr&MrsCollins_422 Mr&MrsCollins_426 Mr&MrsCollins_428 Mr&MrsCollins_430 Mr&MrsCollins_431 Mr&MrsCollins_433 Mr&MrsCollins_440 Mr&MrsCollins_449 Mr&MrsCollins_456 Mr&MrsCollins_459 Mr&MrsCollins_462 Mr&MrsCollins_468 Mr&MrsCollins_478 Mr&MrsCollins_480 Mr&MrsCollins_484 Mr&MrsCollins_488 Mr&MrsCollins_489 Mr&MrsCollins_497 Mr&MrsCollins_500 Mr&MrsCollins_508 Mr&MrsCollins_511

Piers & Alex’s stunning wedding held at Russets Country house

September 27, 2015 Comments Off on Piers & Alex’s stunning wedding held at Russets Country house

Alex and Piers held their beautfiul wedding at Russets Country house in Chiddingfold. Alex shared her wedding morning with her sister Caroline, her best friend Lisa and new sister-in-law Abbie as well as her gorgeous niece’s Maisie and Seren. With Piers being just across the hall from the dressing room he took the opportunity to kiss Alex’s hand from behind the door before she walked down the aisle! Alex looked stunning in her Sophia Toli wedding dress and makeup and hair by Suzanne Dusek. Tears flowed as each bridesmaid walked down the aisle which was then followed by an emotional ceremony. Drinks were served in the beauitful garden and the dance floor was full as soon as the music started!! And if that wasn’t enough there was time for Alex to show everyone how she made the basketball team on the trampoline! A fabulous wedding! Congratulations Mr and Mrs SteVens!! xxxAlexPiersFB_001 AlexPiersFB_002 AlexPiersFB_003 AlexPiersFB_003b AlexPiersFB_004 AlexPiersFB_005b Alex&Piers_071 AlexPiersFB_006 AlexPiersFB_007 AlexPiersFB_008 AlexPiersFB_009 AlexPiersFB_010 AlexPiersFB_012 AlexPiersFB_013A AlexPiersFB_014 AlexPiersFB_011 AlexPiersFB_015 AlexPiersFB_016 AlexPiersFB_017 AlexPiersFB_018 AlexPiersFB_019 AlexPiersFB_020 AlexPiersFB_021 AlexPiersFB_022 AlexPiersFB_023 AlexPiersFB_024 AlexPiersFB_026 AlexPiersFB_025 AlexPiersFB_027 AlexPiersFB_028 AlexPiersFB_029 AlexPiersFB_030A AlexPiersFB_030aAA AlexPiersFB_030bA AlexPiersFB_030cA AlexPiersFB_031 AlexPiersFB_032 AlexPiersFB_033 AlexPiersFB_034 AlexPiersFB_034AA AlexPiersFB_035 AlexPiersFB_036 AlexPiersFB_037 AlexPiersFB_039 AlexPiersFB_038 AlexPiersFB_040 Alex&Piers_268 Alex&Piers_269 Alex&Piers_286 Alex&Piers_388 Alex&Piers_402 AlexPiersFB_041 AlexPiersFB_042 AlexPiersFB_043 AlexPiersFB_043aAAlex 12 AlexPiersFB_044 AlexPiersFB_045 AlexPiersFB_046a AlexPiersFB_047 AlexPiersFB_047a AlexPiersFB_048 AlexPiersFB_049 AlexPiersFB_050 AlexPiersFB_051 AlexPiersFB_052 AlexPiersFB_053 AlexPiersFB_054 AlexPiersFB_055 AlexPiersFB_056 AlexPiersFB_057 AlexPiersFB_058 AlexPiersFB_059 AlexPiersFB_060 AlexPiersFB_061 AlexPiersFB_062 AlexPiersFB_063 AlexPiersFB_064 AlexPiersFB_065 AlexPiersFB_066 AlexPiersFB_067 Alex&Piers_450 Alex&Piers_452 Alex&Piers_453 Alex&Piers_492

The wedding ceremony of Dawn and Steven and the christening of baby Lucas!

September 20, 2015 Comments Off on The wedding ceremony of Dawn and Steven and the christening of baby Lucas!

If organising a wedding wasn’t enough Dawn and Steven also surprised their guests with the christening of their beautiful 10 month old boy Lucas. The ceremony and christening took place in Cliddesden church just outside of Basingstoke. The reception and wedding breakfast followed at Northbrook park where the bridal party was transferred to by a vintage bus filled with champagne! Guests enjoyed drinks and games on the lawn including a bouncy castle for the children, right?! A beautiful english day filled with plenty of love and tears! xDawn&StevenLOWRES_002 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_005 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_066 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_069 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_067 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_068 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_007 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_010 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_011 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_012 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_013 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_014 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_018 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_015 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_016 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_017 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_019 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_020 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_022 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_023 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_026 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_027 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_028 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_030 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_031 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_032 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_033 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_034 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_035 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_036 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_037 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_038 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_041 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_050 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_051 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_052 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_053 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_054Dawn&StevenLOWRES_055 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_056 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_046 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_047 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_048 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_049 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_058 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_057 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_059 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_060 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_061 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_062 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_063 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_064 Dawn&StevenLOWRES_065